Much needed Playstation 3 Firmware Update

The feature I’ve seen most requested and talked about is the inclusion of cross-game chat. I’m not interested, but obviously, my habits are not representative, but then, neither are the people who have headsets and keyboards attached to their consoles in general. So it seems that cross-game chat to most people would be using the text facilities available with the control pad.  In other words, messaging so slow, you might as well just send it to each other using the email-like messaging service already available on the PS3 anyway. For that matter, how about having voice-chat in the public areas of Home, turned off by default would probably be best, but it seems gamers are too, frankly stupid, to get this. There was a promise for the feature to be turned back on at some point, but that promise was reneged on due to, of all things, user feedback. Turns out gamers can’t figure out how to turn something off, so the feature has to be completely removed. As the demand for cross-game voice-chat demonstrates, sometimes gamers have very odd priorities.

There is, however, a feature of the PS3 that desperately needs updating, even if outside of a firmware update, even if they charge for it. I’m talking of course, about a decent web-browser, one that works with the site you’re reading now would be a good start. Something that doesn’t crash or crap out because you’re viewing something involving flash. Maybe even, who knows, a webkit-based one. I would be willing to pay for this, I know several other people who would as well. Here’s another idea, how about you’re playing a game, and need to know how to get a particular trophy with the usual obfuscated description, I hit the Playstation button on the controller and it brings up the web browser so I can pop over to a gaming website and read about how to get the thing. All without leaving the game.

It turns out that whilst I was writing this article, IGN published an article about what gamers were requesting and what they would like see happen for the Playstation Network, and it happens to feature one of my favourite ideas, since we no longer have hardware or software backwards compatible PS3s, why not let the user purchase PS2 titles in the Playstation Store, it’s not ideal, as they say, better would be the ability to buy a Playstation 2 emulator for the newer PS3s (if such a thing is possible), but it is better than nothing, especially after they took away Linux support over a non-hack that involves expensive hardware more costly than a PS3 anyway, and one which wouldn’t have enabled piracy on the PS3 (the industries attitude to piracy and the PS3 is a whole other article).

The other things they endorse aren’t really very important to me, but not dreadful ideas, the ability to change your Playstation ID, some improvements to some shooter I don’t care about, active USB ports on sleep, various such things. The browser really needs improvement.

Of course, there’s no real reason why implementing any of these would mean not implementing another.

Consider these two things as well, something I’ve not seen any mention of elsewhere.

Wouldn’t it be great if the Playstation automatically thumbnailed downloaded media as well as copied media?  Furthermore, wouldn’t it be great if there was a button in the download section of the Playstation Store for sorting already downloaded content into category and game and then having a download all button.  Imagine being able to download all the DLC for a particular game in one go, or looking through the demos you’ve downloaded so you can pick out that one you thought was fun so you can try it again before deciding whether or not to buy it.

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