Mostly Flitting

That’s what I’ve been doing, gaming-wise. Two main reasons for this, one is that I’ve been feeding my other hobby horse, photography. I now have a rather nicer camera. The other reason, is that I’m playing Front Mission 3. The problem is that I’m going to do a full review. I only ever write and record full reviews of games I have played from start to finish, and if there is any mode I haven’t fully explored (the on-line multiplayer in Killzone 3 for example), then I’ll say so. Even games that I’ve written and recorded “first impression” reviews for, are games I eventually played fully through. Regretfully sometimes (I actually assumed that the Dead Space 2 review would be more controversial, but STALKER fans are very loyal, apparently).

High Quality Video Lo-fi Version

Point being, Front Mission 3 is a rather long game, and I like to play other things too.

So rather than let things trail off too much, following are some shorter reviews of the games that have been taking up my time. Full reviews of at least some of these will be forthcoming.