Dynasty Warriors 7

The best thing to come out for quite a while.

High Quality Video Lo-fi Version

Yeah, I would put this above other far more popular and critically acclaimed series’. This is a game I have played and thoroughly enjoyed for a large period of time, a game I paid almost full price for and didn’t feel ripped off. That’s what matters, that’s what makes a good game. It’s also the usual whipping boy for the games media. Which is a dreadful shame, since something like Pokémon deserves to be so much more since Pokémon changes less between games and makes for longer pointless grinding. Which is saying something, because Dynasty Warriors is quite bad for it. However, Dynasty Warriors 7 is pretty much as different from 6 (a lot more so than even 6 was from 5) as it possibly can be whilst still being identifiably a Dynasty Warriors game. Everything has been re-done, all re-recorded voice acting, completely overhauled graphics engine, all of the characters have been re-modelled and there are now more than ever. Huge weapon variety, all new. Co-mingling of the main dynasty warriors game and borrowed gameplay elements from the Empires spin-off in the massive Conquest mode. So its rather infuriating that games like Pokémon Black & White are fêted for not changing, whilst Dynasty Warriors 7 is lambasted for being the same as its predecessors despite being as different as it can be whilst yadda yadda yadda. We’re not even talking Sportsgame-like incremental improvement here. We’re talking massive, sweeping changes.

Dynasty Warriors 7 is a massive step forward after a disappointing first release on this generation’s hardware and well worth it. Please, ignore the critics.

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