Favourite Silent Hill Game

The short answer is Silent Hill 4: The Room. Notice that the title is not best Silent Hill game, simply the favourite.

Silent Hill 4: The Room is under-rated, weird, different, and most of all, combines creepiness and fear better than any other game I’ve seen. Even Silent Hill 2, which is a better game. That’s not to say, either, that there is nothing wrong with Silent Hill 4: The Room, although most of the things people complain about are imaginary.

For example, it was never supposed to be a Silent Hill!

Or the complaints will be about things that exist in other Silent Hill games that are well regarded – like escort missions (Silent Hill 2 – Maria), or re-visiting locations (every Silent Hill game with an otherworld, backtracking, or repetitive scenery, i.e., all of them), or starting outside of Silent Hill itself (Silent Hill 3).

It does have quite bland textures at various points, although this is obviously deliberate when you see the better textures on offer in the game. It’s clearly there to make locations that are uninteresting, uninteresting. Henry is also a little too ‘everyman’ for my tastes. Even then, people seem to talk about how dull he is, which I wouldn’t mind if those people weren’t the same as the ones who think Murphy Pendleton is really interesting (what are his hobbies, who is his wife, what’s his son like, what does he do for a living? – Exactly.)

That’s enough of silly criticisms though.

It’s also quite fun to play with and experiment.

Have you seen all of the apartment hauntings? I keep hearing about this one where you look through the peephole in your door to see a deadified (it’s a word!) version of yourself shamble towards you and stare back. I’ve only ever seen it in a trailer. I don’t think you can get it in the game. Then again I thought the same thing about the shadow in the cupboard in your bedroom. I’ve played the game so many times and yet I know I haven’t seen everything the game has to offer. Yet saying that, it doesn’t have so much content that you get bored of it easy, it does not arbitrarily lengthen itself – even the bits where you revisit areas have been changed and are short (since they’re supposed to be reflections of the antagonist’s anyway).

I quite like the way the engine is used too. Like, at the beginning you are in a rusted and nasty otherworld-like version of The Room. How did they do it? Well, you’re actually in a slightly larger version of the room. For example, the rusted doors are still there when you’re in the normal version of the apartment – just hidden behind the world. Reflections of objects in the glass of hanged pictures are simply copies of those same objects in a blurred version of that portion of the room. Check out the screenshots below.

I like the game’s impact, and its ability to be serious and adult when it wants to, the “takes itself too serious” mentality, whilst fashionable and occasionally sensible is very dangerous for horror games. It has a great sound track, an interesting story, the gameplay is actually quite good, yep, even the combat. Then again. I’ve never actually seen anything wrong with the combat. I’ll be talking about combat comparisons and if Silent Hill: Downpour’s combat is actually an improvement and now ‘good combat’ in my full review (soon!). You may have already guessed that I think (spoilers!) the combat is actually worse than classic Silent Hill games.

Most of all though, the creepiest horror I have ever played so far.

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