New NVIDIA Drivers


The new NVIDIA drivers have fixed that long standing and very irritating problem where turning off the secondary display would cause the drivers to cut the signal to the primary display.

No longer do I have to deal with the awkward situation where my monitor won’t come on after Windows boots until I turn on the television.

This is great because I never found a solution just lots of people giving useless advice from cleaning your fans out to monitoring the temperature.

Unfortunately, it brings back the annoying blurry screen fonts (well, text) from setting the screen to an undesirable mode. For reference, the solution is not to manually fiddle with using the EDID stuff, if NVIDIA didn’t know your EDID, it wouldn’t be able to discover the resolutions you’ve been using anyway. Instead, I ‘customize’ the resolution, which really means screen mode. The trick is to try the different timings; GTF, DMT, CVT, CVT Reduced Blank.

One of them will hopefully have the clarity of fonts that you’re after.

I’m not responsible if this explodes or breaks anything.

Update: I have since discovered that the problem is not actually NVidia’s, but Windows 7. Apologies to Nvidia.

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