GT Academy 2012

GT Academy is this little stand-alone downloadable free version of Gran Turismo 5 with a handful of cars and specific tasks you have to do. It’s part of a larger competition that I have absolutely no interest in.

I’m not much of a competitive person. Occasionally I’ll try to beat someone’s time or something, but generally, I don’t bother. So the chance of me bothering with the GT Academy program was pretty much nil. Until they, in a flash of, I think, inspiration, decided you can win cars for GT5. Now that’s different, that’s not me competing against other players to go on to a competition I’m not physically able to do – besides which, I can see no link betwixt driving a motor vehicle and doing an assault course in the mud.

However, I’m assuming that lots of people, like me, gave it a go because of the promise of cool new free cars to play in GT5. So far I’ve gold-trophied every event in all the rounds up to and including round 6. Yes, purely to get the cars, but the last two rounds the cars on offer are tuned versions of previously won prize cars. Plus the cars on offer, a GT-R tuned car is juuust about on the edge of what I can handle well – as is the tuned 370Z for different reasons, so it’s actually getting very hard to achieve those golds for cars I’ll inevitably be tuning in-game myself anyway since I’ve already won the normal version of both.

A brilliant idea to increase participation could have been even better realised had they simply given away two different cars at the end.