Let’s (not) Play Silent Hill

Who likes to watch Silent Hill Let’s Plays / Videogame walkthroughs?

I do!

… but well, I’m usually disappointed with either the style of walk through, or the technical bits.

So we decided to do our own, somewhat different take on the playthrough with commentary. Here’s where the (not) part comes into play. Here is a short, and non-exhaustive list of some things I’ve seen in other popular Let’s Plays which we intend to avoid.

We shall not:

  • Be playing the game. The Player shall be playing the game. Commentary is done by others. Mostly because either the person playing won’t be talking enough (or rambling) because they’re concentrating on playing, or the person playing will be concentrating too much on talking to play.
  • Shout.
  • Have bad quality game footage. Even with the first Silent Hill, it’s in 1080p, not because the source is, but because of the extra bit allowance. I shall not turn off noise.
  • Inexplicably tag a Let’s Play as comedy and then swear loudly the entire video.
  • Say “camera” repeatedly.
  • When playing through a game blind, we will not suspiciously know where every hidden secret is and know the solution to every puzzle. If the Player gets stuck, and we cut some repetitive footage, we will say that the Player got stuck and we cut some repetitive footage.  (Our Player has experience with the first Silent Hill only – and hasn’t seen the last half for a number of years).
  • Have catchphrases.
  • Be about reactions.  There shall be no reaction cam.  You will not be hearing us scream.
  • Be YouTube personalities.  The games are the stars.  We make commentary.

And to be more positive, here are two things we will be doing:

  • There will be something special about all of our videos. For Silent Hill it’s going to be good quality emulation and high bit-rates. For the other Silent Hill games, wait and see.
  • Ducking the sound. When we talk, the volume of the gameplay will decrease. When we are not talking, the volume of the game will come back up.

Imagine what all … okay you don’t need to imagine, here’s a link to a practice first episode.

Silent Hill – Episode 1 Trial Run

We’ll start … soon.