Timeline, GNOME 3, Windows 8, Youtube

It’s like a torrent of improvements that are worse lately, isn’t it?

With that cloying annoying thing where people go, “well, stop whining about changes, and try it for a while.” The implication being that if you just try it for an arbitrary period, you’ll love it and never want to go back.


They suck. Please stop.

I tried using GNOME 3 for a month, it was still awful, it still got rid of window decorations, it still needed you to memorise keyboard codes (I’d call them shortcuts, but if there’s no other way to do them they aren’t a short-cut are they) to be usable. No really, they made a cheat sheet that you had to memorise before you could use your mouse-using desktop. How intuitive. Windows 8 has all the same problems. This is what happens when you design your desktop interface with the assumption that your user is using a tablet.

Timeline. Timeline makes it harder to see what I’ve posted and now assumes that if I upload a photo with my ‘phone I don’t want to share it. No, I have to do that separately.

Now Youtube is the latest.

Previously it had text tags that you added to your post by writing them, or copy / pasting them from one video in a series to a newly uploaded one.

Now? Now it looks like this:

What happens when you try to copy / paste them into a new video? This:

Much more usable. I especially like the way the cross flows off the screen so you can’t even delete the tag.