Adventures in Hauppauge Capture (32022)

Someday, someone may experience these bizarre events. Hopefully, they will find my notes useful.

So I’ve been experimenting with the Hauppauge Capture which is the software you use for capturing (in this case Wii footage – using component cables) from your Hauppauge device, which includes mine, the HD PVR 2 GE+.

Actually, I imagine you can use a few different programs to capture, but this seems to be the purpose-built one. Feel free to tell me if you’ve found something else. I haven’t tried the other bundled one, (ARCSoft?) since I have a video editor I’m already very happy about (KDEnlive).
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FRAPs not recording / capturing the desktop DWM

A very quick hint, FRAPs can sometimes get confused by running programs and not capture the whole desktop, usually not displaying the frame counter.

In my case the program doing this was Logitech setpoint, others have reported different programs, but you can usually find out what application is causing the problem by trying to capture whilst monitoring the files in the Capture folder as the file generated will be named after the thing being recorded.

Yes, it’s as simple as that in most cases.

New NVIDIA Drivers


The new NVIDIA drivers have fixed that long standing and very irritating problem where turning off the secondary display would cause the drivers to cut the signal to the primary display.

No longer do I have to deal with the awkward situation where my monitor won’t come on after Windows boots until I turn on the television.

This is great because I never found a solution just lots of people giving useless advice from cleaning your fans out to monitoring the temperature.
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AutoComplete Pro

On a laptop in Chrome, every time the user typed something into Google, it would come up with suggestions, the software identified itself as AutoComplete Pro which the user never installed. Looked in installed programs, nothing. Looked in Task Manager, nothing. Looked in the extensions of Chrome, nothing.

The one thing that was different about Chrome is when you went to the preferences page, there was an extra “Google” entry in the Manage Search Engines… button menu. Disabling this meant that it no longer appeared. Never seen anything like it, but since I have the platform here and most of the advice was utterly useless, I thought I would share my (temporary?) solution. It’ll hopefully get picked up by the security program guys soon so it can be cleaned out properly. What a nasty piece of malware AutoComplete Pro is.

FRAPs Videos Are Too Dark – Fixed

FFMPEG has recently taken out the sameq switch so I’ll update this later. In the meantime, try these switches: -vcodec mpeg4 -acodec ac3 -ab 640k -q:v 0 to get the same results (ac3 sound for finnicky programs).

Ever had your FRAPs video footage come out really dark?

Don’t worry, there is an easy fix / how-to that converts your FRAPs AVI into a common format that won’t have the darkness problem. Continue reading