Let’s (not) Play Silent Hill – Now Complete

For the discerning Silent Hill fan:

Our Let’s (not) Play of Silent Hill is complete. So if you’re one of those people who have been waiting for the playthrough to finish, then now is your time.

5 hours, 28 minutes, and 13 seconds of videos. With a combined size of 10.7G in ‘Nigh Lossless’ quality, it’s the best looking Silent Hill footage we’ve seen. The only change to the playlist is that there’ll be a new video advert for our next Let’s Play in it tomorrow.

Please, enjoy.

Horror is all about fun!

Silent Hill Book of Memories is looking to be a very fun game as I expected. Remember folks, games are meant to be fun as well as enthralling. They can encompass a whole range of emotions -not just despair and darkness. Sometimes, fun is just fun.” – Jeremy Blaustein.

Games are meant to be fun!

Except of course, when they aren’t.  Unless you stretch the definition of fun to include Schindler’s List.  Please don’t do that, it’s annoying.

Games are sometimes meant to be fun, and sometimes, games have lots of fun (fun!) sections and setpieces, and you know, that’s all fine.

Horror on the other hand, isn’t all about the fun (fun fun!).  Silent Hill never really used to focus on creating something fun, it used to be about creating an engaging experience.  It used to be a horror series.  Horror defies the usual gaming tropes, horror games both need to not be about fun to create the right atmosphere, and they also need to take themselves seriously.

Please, go ahead and argue that it doesn’t matter because it’s not a main title, or that it’s really a great game because it’ll bring more people to good horror and great games in the end, but please, don’t tell me games are meant to fun.

Films can be fun, but some of them aren’t, some of them engage.

Books can be fun, but some of them aren’t, some of them take us on an emotional rollercoaster.

Games can be fun, but some of them make us morose for two weeks after witnessing the breakdown of a man’s sanity.

Games can be made, that aren’t meant to be fun, and there is nothing wrong with it.  In fact, it should be celebrated.  Most of my favourite games (and films, and books) are ones that aren’t meant to be fun, but are meant to be engaging, or sad, or uplifting, or to say something about the human condition.

Once again, thanks to Silent Haven for once again bringing something to my attention.

YouTube and Copyright

Whilst they’ve gotten a little better over time, they are still rather corporate friendly, and the options aren’t very good.

At the very least, they’ve stopped arguing that a fair-use dispute is an admission of copyright infringement, whatever that meant.

The first option that comes up for when some copyright claim is made on your video is ‘acknowledge claim’, when it should something more like ‘accept claim as valid’. I do acknowledge when someone owns the copyright, but I should still be able to argue fair use, whereas if you select the acknowledge claim option, that’s you saying the claim is right. This is just misleading – even clicking the question mark for explanation on the acknowledge button gets YouTube to say, “Acknowledge to confirm that you have reviewed the claim(s) on your video.” Review, not accept the claim, just click to say that you have reviewed the claim(s). This will result in you accepting the claims as valid in one step.
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Why Hideo Kojima’s Fox Engine Can’t Save Silent Hill

Hideo Kojima would have to have a lot more involvement than a recent interview indicated he’d be interested in. If he directed Silent Hill, was involved in the writing for Silent Hill, and did the Quality Assurance of Silent Hill, it could once again be the crowning achievement of horror as it was in its heyday. Rather than the hit and miss sometimes quite-good series it has become.

On the other hand, with respect to Hideo Kojima – any competent treatment could save Silent Hill. We’ve already had quite good recent Silent Hill’s that were well received by the critics, and I think, with more polish, a chance at the HD consoles (and PC), and the needed support and talent, that Climax Studios could make a great Silent Hill. But that’s another article (specifically, this one).

Instead we’ve had Silent Hill farmed off to new studios who make glitchy badly running games, regardless of whether or not you think they have any other redeeming features or whether or not you think they’re any good (and the critics in general, myself included, do not), we can all agree they don’t run as well as they could or should.
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Let’s (not) Play Silent Hill News

Coming soon is the greatest playthrough / Let’s Play of Silent Hill of our time*

I’m just putting the finishing touches on the first video which is remarkably (almost exactly) similar to the version I showed earlier. It will soon be ready for upload.

Then there will be a new episode up. Every. Single. Day. Each episode is 10-15 minutes long.

Starts Monday! Looking forward to seeing you then. Unless you’re in Germany and Sony Music Entertainment are their usual overzealous selves. *cough*

I will also be uploading to blip.tv at a future date. Probably.

This all happens on the CorrosiveTruths – YouTube Page.

*Warning: This may be the opinion of the person who edited the video together.

Let’s (not) Play Silent Hill

Who likes to watch Silent Hill Let’s Plays / Videogame walkthroughs?

I do!

… but well, I’m usually disappointed with either the style of walk through, or the technical bits.

So we decided to do our own, somewhat different take on the playthrough with commentary. Here’s where the (not) part comes into play. Here is a short, and non-exhaustive list of some things I’ve seen in other popular Let’s Plays which we intend to avoid.
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Skyrim DLC delayed on the PS3

Blame Microsoft for paying for a longer term of exclusivity with the proviso that they’re not allowed to say so. Expect it to come out a little after six months on from the XBox 360 release.

Now I know what you’re thinking, Peter is off the deep-end again. I mean, it’s not like this has happened before where Bethesda has not released DLC for the PS3 due to a long exclusivity deal and then pretended it was delayed for other reasons so people come to their ‘own conclusions’.

Oh, wait.
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Copying Posts from One WordPress to Another

To make it easier to copy posts from one wordpress installation to another, I made a script. I run it every 15 minutes with cron, and it grabs all the posts matching the syndication category and copies them as new posts to another wordpress installation. This way I can have syndicated content. The thing is when I was designing how the websites were going to work I kind of expected to be able to just install a plugin that would do this for me. Syndicate the content to a different wordpress account I mean.
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