Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage

You know the usual spiel about how Dynasty Warriors is just repetitive button mashing with no depth?

Well, it isn’t true of this game either, but it is a lot closer to being the case. There isn’t enough depth to warrant how much you’d have to play to actually get everything. Mostly the problem is how the depth comes into the game, unlike Dynasty Warriors 7 where the depth is all about character development, weapon choice, what you equip your character with and of course, the character itself, and the permutations there of, in Ken’s Rage, not so much. It has some of those things, but with only a handful of characters and three main character types. There’s a little less to play with, and the main problem is despite all the character growth it does have, the real meat of the initial play before you really open up other modes properly is the Legend Mode with Kenshiro.

That’s right, you just play Ken. Continue reading