Year’s End 2011

Well, what a year it has been. Nothing, then stuff, then a lot of nothing, then lots of stuff again. The release schedule of games I’m interested in is always weird, but that’s the way it works when we have seasonal spikes and troughs.

Last year of course, I said I was looking forward to Agent, a new Silent Hill game, and Mirror’s Edge 2. Well, that worked out well. Continue reading

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

Oblivion uses Gamebryo mostly just for rendering.

… where does this come from?

Not the meme, that’s 4chan or Something Awful as per usual. Who lie more about a certain Todd Howard then he himself has in statements about videogames I may add. The italicised text.

EDIT: Back due to lots of 404s coming in, was going to make it part of a larger article about rumours that have come to be accepted as truths.

Is Skyrim’s Creation just Gamebryo?

Not really, but yes, Skyrim’s Creation Engine still has at least some Gamebryo in it.

I actually made the claim that Creation is based on the latest version of Gamebryo in my last article on the subject, but I then edited it out. That post was about the perception of bugs and quirks coming from Gamebryo when they were specific to Bethesda. Properly substantiating the claim that Creation is based on Gamebryo and explaining why the usual counter-arguments don’t hold up would have taken up too much room, and detracted from the impact of the original point. Continue reading

Skyrim, 6 gig, and Gamebryo

It turns out that Skyrim is going to be about 6gb on disk. The headline may as well be, numbers that are small frighten people who don’t understand the numbers. I’m sorry, well, okay, I’m not really sorry, but if you’re worried than 6gb of on-disk data means the game is going to be short, your opinion is pretty dumb.

Is Minecraft too short, Elite not have enough gameplay? Is X-com over with all too quick?
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