New NVIDIA Drivers


The new NVIDIA drivers have fixed that long standing and very irritating problem where turning off the secondary display would cause the drivers to cut the signal to the primary display.

No longer do I have to deal with the awkward situation where my monitor won’t come on after Windows boots until I turn on the television.

This is great because I never found a solution just lots of people giving useless advice from cleaning your fans out to monitoring the temperature.
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PC Gamers

So it seems that due to a run of bad luck, I am down to being a PC gamer, since the PS3’s media drive has died.

Now I have to do the requisite things. Like complain that the gaming industry isn’t catering (high resolution textures we can’t use) to me and the seven other PC gamers enough, well the seven gamers who aren’t playing the casual games I’ll use to prove that PC gaming is relevant. Or that games are bad console ports because they don’t have a DirectX 11 mode that only 30% of PC gamers can actually use. Complain that 64-bit versions of games should come out to take advantage of the over 4 gigs that most PC Gamers don’t have. I can also talk about how the technology in consoles is really old and dated now on my far superior mouse (1963) and keyboard (1940) system.

Complaining about console games and gamers and ports now takes up all of my time, so I’ll quickly add something about how games are ruined by dumbing them down for the wider console audience. Then go frag some d00dz before even thinking about starting the ‘story-driven plot’ single player of the latest shooter. Leave a comment with your specifications so I can discount anything you say based on your hardware.

Actually, I think I’m going to turn on my rather neglected Wii.

With thanks to Wikipedia and the Steam Hardware Survey. Piracy.

Penumbra: Overture

One of my favourite games is Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, I have a soft spot for games that are actually scary, that make you cringe in fear, make you dread what happens next, yet drive you forward by using attraction combined with revulsion. It isn’t easy to do, few games, or films for that matter have managed it. Arguably, games being interactive, they have the advantage, Silent Hills 1, 2, and 4 being good examples that aren’t Dark Corners of the Earth. Oh and System Shock 2.

Wait, that’s all the games that have managed it.

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