Playstation Backup: Abort, Retry, Fail?

Recently, my PS3’s blu-ray diode gave up and died. Specifically that bit for some reason. Anyway, I did the sensible thing (or so I thought) of backing up the PS3’s hard drive before sending it off to the local shop for repair (AD Computers).

This isn’t going to be a complaint about that shop, they were great, it’s the backup bit that’s important.
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PC Gamers

So it seems that due to a run of bad luck, I am down to being a PC gamer, since the PS3’s media drive has died.

Now I have to do the requisite things. Like complain that the gaming industry isn’t catering (high resolution textures we can’t use) to me and the seven other PC gamers enough, well the seven gamers who aren’t playing the casual games I’ll use to prove that PC gaming is relevant. Or that games are bad console ports because they don’t have a DirectX 11 mode that only 30% of PC gamers can actually use. Complain that 64-bit versions of games should come out to take advantage of the over 4 gigs that most PC Gamers don’t have. I can also talk about how the technology in consoles is really old and dated now on my far superior mouse (1963) and keyboard (1940) system.

Complaining about console games and gamers and ports now takes up all of my time, so I’ll quickly add something about how games are ruined by dumbing them down for the wider console audience. Then go frag some d00dz before even thinking about starting the ‘story-driven plot’ single player of the latest shooter. Leave a comment with your specifications so I can discount anything you say based on your hardware.

Actually, I think I’m going to turn on my rather neglected Wii.

With thanks to Wikipedia and the Steam Hardware Survey. Piracy.

FRAPs Videos Are Too Dark – Fixed

FFMPEG has recently taken out the sameq switch so I’ll update this later. In the meantime, try these switches: -vcodec mpeg4 -acodec ac3 -ab 640k -q:v 0 to get the same results (ac3 sound for finnicky programs).

Ever had your FRAPs video footage come out really dark?

Don’t worry, there is an easy fix / how-to that converts your FRAPs AVI into a common format that won’t have the darkness problem. Continue reading

Warhammer 40k – Space Marine

This is a first impression based off the Playstation and Windows versions of the demo that I played.

There are two sections to play here; The Inquisitor, and Battlements. The Inquisitor is a quite long section where you and your Space Marine brethren do battle against the green tide of Orks, whereas Battlements is quite short, and has your character wearing a jump pack and you doing slam attacks into the ground at high speed. The funny thing is that Battlements is more like the demo I was expecting in terms of length, with lots of demos being vanishingly short. Continue reading


One of the cool things about Portal 2 was the ability to play it two player, not just split-screen, but one player on PC and the other on console. It was great, and more games should do it. Not all of them are going to, and I accept this, but it always strikes me as a bit silly and even Portal 2 did this, but yeah, it strikes me as a bit silly that just because the version of the game is on the PC, split-screen is disabled. Continue reading