New NVIDIA Drivers


The new NVIDIA drivers have fixed that long standing and very irritating problem where turning off the secondary display would cause the drivers to cut the signal to the primary display.

No longer do I have to deal with the awkward situation where my monitor won’t come on after Windows boots until I turn on the television.

This is great because I never found a solution just lots of people giving useless advice from cleaning your fans out to monitoring the temperature.
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One of the cool things about Portal 2 was the ability to play it two player, not just split-screen, but one player on PC and the other on console. It was great, and more games should do it. Not all of them are going to, and I accept this, but it always strikes me as a bit silly and even Portal 2 did this, but yeah, it strikes me as a bit silly that just because the version of the game is on the PC, split-screen is disabled. Continue reading


Oh no, the FOV has changed!!! Aaaaiiiiiiiiiii!

F3AR isn’t a very scary game.

FEAR has always been about blurring the line betwixt horror and action, being both a competent shooter with smart AI, and full of delicious horror atmosphere. As well as having some interesting characterisations and characters. Those characters kind of make a come-back in F3AR. By kind of, I mean they have a character called Point Man, who has never really been seen before, and who has a beard? Who knew? Continue reading