Let’s (not) Play Silent Hill News

Coming soon is the greatest playthrough / Let’s Play of Silent Hill of our time*

I’m just putting the finishing touches on the first video which is remarkably (almost exactly) similar to the version I showed earlier. It will soon be ready for upload.

Then there will be a new episode up. Every. Single. Day. Each episode is 10-15 minutes long.

Starts Monday! Looking forward to seeing you then. Unless you’re in Germany and Sony Music Entertainment are their usual overzealous selves. *cough*

I will also be uploading to blip.tv at a future date. Probably.

This all happens on the CorrosiveTruths – YouTube Page.

*Warning: This may be the opinion of the person who edited the video together.

Let’s (not) Play Silent Hill

Who likes to watch Silent Hill Let’s Plays / Videogame walkthroughs?

I do!

… but well, I’m usually disappointed with either the style of walk through, or the technical bits.

So we decided to do our own, somewhat different take on the playthrough with commentary. Here’s where the (not) part comes into play. Here is a short, and non-exhaustive list of some things I’ve seen in other popular Let’s Plays which we intend to avoid.
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Film, Games, and the Silent Hill Revelation: 3D Trailer

I’m not sure the word is trailer or teaser in this case because it does contain what seems to be a continuous part of a larger scene, which is nice – rather than flashes of the cool bits. And something to look at before the trailer proper comes out soon. I have some predictions for that, but I did want to make some wider points so that post can wait until tomorrow.

In fact, let’s look at this, yeah, I’m calling it a teaser.
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Possible Vatra Closure & The Future of Silent Hill

I feel the same way about the possible closure of Vatra as I do about the possible closure of any other producer of sub-standard products that work poorly.

Here’s an idea.

Give the next Silent Hill game to someone with a proven track record, whose optimised code works perfectly, has produced games that stretch what hardware they’re produced on. Remember how poorly Homecoming and Downpour ran? Imagine a Silent Hill for the HD consoles that pushes the limits of the hardware the way Silent Hill used to. The company that has the highest Silent Hill aggregated ratings both from users and critics of the post Silent Hill 4: The Room era. The company that made the games that prove they understand both how traditional Silent Hill works and also how to reimagine it in interesting ways. How much promise would a third game hold?

Maybe it’s time we gave it back to Climax Studios?

Silent Hill: Downpour – In Depth Review

Well, it’s time for another Silent Hill game. This time we’ve changed developers again (more on that another time).

Downpour. As usual with games I look forward to getting a hold of, I read absolutely nothing about this game before I played it. The reason for this is two-fold; I hate spoilers, and I didn’t want to come into it with any other expectation except the ones created by the name itself. With Silent Hill, that bar isn’t set particularly high after Silent Hill: Homecoming.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Downpour is even as good as Homecoming in the end, but it does have several things going for it.
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Everything That’s Wrong with Silent Hill and Video Game Horror in One Statement

“How do you make Pyramid Head scary when he’s seen from a topdown perspective? You do it by having him SHRED through your HP with every swipe.” – director of WayForward (Silent Hill: Book of Memories), Adam Tierney.

Getting killed quickly in a videogame is not scary or horror – it is inconvenient and annoying.

Otherwise Mega Man is one of the greatest horror games of all time.