Skyrim DLC

Well, shockingly, the release of Skyrim DLC was actually closer to eight months than six.

What is to be done about Bethesda though?

Is it time for a boycott of their products, shall I vote with my wallet? Shall I encourage others to do so?

No, for one, I want to play the games, but that’s not a very good reason.

The main problems with a vote with your wallet mentality are that:

Those with the biggest wallets get the most votes.

Which is important, but more convincingly:

Voting with your wallet may not send the message you really intend to send. All not buying a game shows is that you haven’t bought a game. It doesn’t tell anyone why you haven’t bought it. For example, if Bethesda find out that PS3 owners haven’t purchased any DLC they could assume with no other information available that PS3 users aren’t hugely interested in DLC. If the next Bethesda game fails on one platform, or even if all console and PCs owners join together in cause against arbitrary paid-for platform exclusivity (it could well be the other way around next gen after-all) and refuse to purchase their next game; it may only register as a general lack of interest in the sort of game they make.

What instead? Well, that’s pretty simple. Complain. Complain loudly and in the appropriate places. On your own space, or on theirs where they’re likely to see it. You can withhold money if you like or not, but the important thing is to write it down.

Skyrim DLC delayed on the PS3

Blame Microsoft for paying for a longer term of exclusivity with the proviso that they’re not allowed to say so. Expect it to come out a little after six months on from the XBox 360 release.

Now I know what you’re thinking, Peter is off the deep-end again. I mean, it’s not like this has happened before where Bethesda has not released DLC for the PS3 due to a long exclusivity deal and then pretended it was delayed for other reasons so people come to their ‘own conclusions’.

Oh, wait.
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Year’s End 2011

Well, what a year it has been. Nothing, then stuff, then a lot of nothing, then lots of stuff again. The release schedule of games I’m interested in is always weird, but that’s the way it works when we have seasonal spikes and troughs.

Last year of course, I said I was looking forward to Agent, a new Silent Hill game, and Mirror’s Edge 2. Well, that worked out well. Continue reading

Is Skyrim’s Creation just Gamebryo?

Not really, but yes, Skyrim’s Creation Engine still has at least some Gamebryo in it.

I actually made the claim that Creation is based on the latest version of Gamebryo in my last article on the subject, but I then edited it out. That post was about the perception of bugs and quirks coming from Gamebryo when they were specific to Bethesda. Properly substantiating the claim that Creation is based on Gamebryo and explaining why the usual counter-arguments don’t hold up would have taken up too much room, and detracted from the impact of the original point. Continue reading

Skyrim – Infinite Dragons

The Games Media have been positively ecstatic about dragons in the run-up to the release of Skyrim, breathlessly reporting how there will be infinite dragons, how they’ll be able to attack you almost anywhere.

Hang on though, aren’t we just talking about infinitely re-spawning enemies who stick themselves in the game where you least expect it? I thought infinite baddy respawners were bad unless they were limited to a location where you expect respawning?

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Skyrim, 6 gig, and Gamebryo

It turns out that Skyrim is going to be about 6gb on disk. The headline may as well be, numbers that are small frighten people who don’t understand the numbers. I’m sorry, well, okay, I’m not really sorry, but if you’re worried than 6gb of on-disk data means the game is going to be short, your opinion is pretty dumb.

Is Minecraft too short, Elite not have enough gameplay? Is X-com over with all too quick?
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