Adventures in Hauppauge Capture (32022)

Someday, someone may experience these bizarre events. Hopefully, they will find my notes useful.

So I’ve been experimenting with the Hauppauge Capture which is the software you use for capturing (in this case Wii footage – using component cables) from your Hauppauge device, which includes mine, the HD PVR 2 GE+.

Actually, I imagine you can use a few different programs to capture, but this seems to be the purpose-built one. Feel free to tell me if you’ve found something else. I haven’t tried the other bundled one, (ARCSoft?) since I have a video editor I’m already very happy about (KDEnlive).
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FRAPs not recording / capturing the desktop DWM

A very quick hint, FRAPs can sometimes get confused by running programs and not capture the whole desktop, usually not displaying the frame counter.

In my case the program doing this was Logitech setpoint, others have reported different programs, but you can usually find out what application is causing the problem by trying to capture whilst monitoring the files in the Capture folder as the file generated will be named after the thing being recorded.

Yes, it’s as simple as that in most cases.

Surround sound and Youtube

The conventional wisdom is that you cannot get surround sound out of Youtube.

This is not strictly true.

Pro Logic is a method of matrixing surround sound into a stereo signal for later fetching out into the surround field by a Pro logic decoder. The easiest way to do this is with a game already in Pro Logic, such is the case with our Eternal Darkness Let’s Play. However, you can also create a Pro Logic downmix from a 5.1 discrete signal with fantastic results, which is how we did our Silent Hill 2: Born from a Wish Let’s Play.

However, recently, I found an interesting snippet on Google Support. To me that looks an awful lot like they have the ability to store and probably play back proper discrete 5.1

I’m uploading tests to determine, and perhaps it may only work on the rather experimental HTML5 version of Youtube, but this is still quite exciting for me.

I could, if this is possible, provide the best of both worlds. Pro Logic surround for the stereo channel which sounds equally fantastic in stereo or decoded into surround, and a discrete 5.1 surround for whatever that will work for.

E3 and the future

I (eventually) watched the E3 Microsoft and Sony broadcasts.

I’m sure you’ve read about it already, much as I had before watching it.

Here are some thoughts.

Wasn’t it nice to see Sony’s announcements get more cheers and positive reactions for its policy on used games and internet connectivity than it did for also undercutting the price of the XBox One? It gladdens the heart that it seems that consumer’s rights are more important to people than raw price and Microsoft’s rather out-of-date attitude to used games bite them in the butt. After all, even EA have recently put an end to their Online Passes.

A few have complained about the DRM on the Playstation 4, and DRM is always a valid concern, but not from the people who compare it unfavourably to the XBox 360, which has more restrictive DRM in the first place with the exception that its easier to bypass.

Two interesting things for the future are the issues of being able to record video gameplay so easily as the new consoles provide and what position the PS4 and XBox One are going to hold in the new generation. Will the PS4 be this generation’s XBox 360, hanging just ahead of the competition, or perhaps this generation’s Playstation 2, with no real competition.

I don’t think Let’s Plays and amateur game reviews are ever going to be the same again when they’re released.

It was also strange how different they were, Microsoft’s was rather mediocre, and seemed to have more stereotypical games – military style shooters, whereas Sony’s seemed far more well-rounded and interesting, and possibly even sophisticated.

Like a bee

So busy at work, we get a rush whenever there’s an event. Father’s Day rush right now.

Haven’t been writing enough. I was thinking of getting a decent webcam and doing more Petercasts.

Part of the problem is that I type all day at work, so that when I get home I don’t really want to type more. Plus we’ve been out cycling quite a bit, which is nice. The whole family too. Young Master Brandonbutt is deliciously pleased with his mountain bike and has picked up cycling for the first time very, very fast. Faster than I did.

AMD here we come

For the very first time I am considering switching everything on my latest PC back to AMD, CPU and GPU. Why you ask?

Digital surround in games.

AMD has uncompressed 7.1 PCM built-in to their graphics cards, and NVIDIA ones, even the geet dead pricey ones, have a link so you can plug in an SPDIF jobber. Which fully supports the Dolby Digital 5.1 surround that a whole three games support on the PC. Even games which output Dolby Digital 5.1 on the console (like how PC versions won’t have controller support, but way more often). And Dolby Pro Logic? Forget it.

It mostly strikes me as bizarre that NVIDIA cards just plain don’t do it.