Next Generation Features & A Reply to IGN

I co-wrote a couple of articles recently.

Next Generation Features – With a rapidly approaching next generation of consoles, it seems like a good time to look back on the last generation and the lessons we have learned from it to try and make the next one even better than before. These are the features we think should be in the next generation that either were not in this generation, or were not universal.

RE: 12 Innovations We Want From PS4 and Xbox 720 – Recently IGN published a list that supposedly “predicts 12 innovations for Microsoft and Sony’s next generation of games consoles”.

After rightfully rejecting Nintendo from the discussion, IGN quickly gets on with the list.

First item on the list, first sentence.

“We don’t need a hard drive.”

1 thought on “Next Generation Features & A Reply to IGN

  1. Let’s count my problems with IGN’s magic wand-waving shall we?

    #1 – I WANT my install and saves on my console until such a time as cloud-based games can be accessed fast enough and reliably. Most online competitive games still suck beyond playability, so no chance I want my entire game data/saves/characters held that way.

    #2 – Complete Online Retail? Uh… I’d just shoot for cheaper bloody games generally. A digital retail environment with competitive venders and sales might achieve that I suppose.

    #3 – No argument.

    #4 – Don’t care.

    #5 – Quit whining bitches. For fuck’s sake, there aren’t that many updates, they don’t take that long, stop acting like a 6-year old with ADHD.

    #6 – Don’t care. Compared to complete games, bug-free games, cheap games, good games… “I want optional texture packs” is a stupid request of the lowest priority.

    #7 – I guess this is an XBOX issue… Don’t care.

    #8 – I want online play trophies divorced from solo play trophies entirely. If I do everything possible in a game’s campaign mode I want it to say 100%… Not 80% because I refuse to put up with laggy online cock-measuring contests with arseholes.

    #9 – Duh… We’re IGN… We’re smart…

    #10 – Don’t care.

    #11 – Another XBOX issue… Don’t care.

    #12 – Ahem… In the nicest possible way, FUCK MOTION TECHNOLOGY. It is a lazy gimmick, it isn’t the future of anything.

    So, as usual, I find IGN is very much on a different wavelength to me. Most of what they want is neither here nor there, some is only relevant to the XBOX anyway, the rest is either moronic or obvious.

    Go IGN…

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