Steam on Linux

Well, I’ve been saying for a while that with Steam on Mac it would only be a matter of time before it would appear on Linux, and so it has. It works almost flawlessly. In fact, they’ve just fixed the one really irritating bug where your desktops cursor was changed to Steam’s. The experience with Steam is very much just like Windows and presumably Mac. All the games I own that have Linux versions work absolutely great right away, the only thing that was a slight bother was getting it installed in the first place since I’m on Gentoo, but the overlay works fine. I think the only slight disappointment is that I was kinda expecting the Mac versions of the Grand Theft Auto games to have been made available on Linux too.

The future, however, is bright.

Although I do find it odd that Steam has managed to bring more games so quickly. I figured it would be Android’s mega popularity that would have finally been the event that brought gaming to Linux in a profound way and it kinda didn’t.

Minecraft server on a PS3 in Linux

Yes, you can.

It’s actually reasonably stable too. So far we’ve had four people on it at once doing a variety of things and the only significant slow-down from the server was when I accidentally set a large portion of the world on fire. It complains a bit about not being able to keep up, but the actual experience is fine. This is even without using the graphics memory as swap since that is corrupted on my PS3 (which is why I never upgraded it to a version that disallows Linux), just using the normal memory and a fastish flash drive.