Don’t You Hate It?

When a Let’s Player will talk about how they’ve played the game before, yet they’ll then, one sentence later, pretend they’re seeing a monster or a scenario for the first time?

We don’t do that.

And our footage looks better.

For the discerning Silent Hill fan:

Our Let’s (not) Play of Silent Hill 2 (Blind) is complete. So if you’re one of those people who have been waiting for the playthrough to finish, then now is your time.

7 hours, 58 minutes, and 53 seconds of videos. With a combined size of 25.2GB in ‘Nigh Lossless’ quality, it’s the best looking Silent Hill 2 footage we’ve seen. 1080P widescreen, no stretching, PC version. We’ll add the Maria scenario probably some time next year.

Please, enjoy, and spread the word. It would be nice if a high quality Let’s Play without the usual screaming reactioncam can also do well.

Back into the thick of it

Don’t worry, I’m still alive. I have been dealing with some health issues and recovery times, but that’s all coming to an end unless my wisdom teeth decide to continue to be this painful. As soon as I’ve caught up on some sleep and regained some enthusiasm, and maybe have replaced this chair and RSI-inducing desk I’ll get back to writing more articles and reviews and of course, making more excellent videos. Have you checked out the Let’s Play’s of Silent Hill 1 and 2 yet? Best quality we’ve seen so far.

Don’t worry, there aren’t going to be loads of posts of me saying “sorry about the lack of posts”, don’t you hate websites that do that?

See you all very soon. Hopefully with an updated theme at some point 😉

Copying Posts from One WordPress to Another

To make it easier to copy posts from one wordpress installation to another, I made a script. I run it every 15 minutes with cron, and it grabs all the posts matching the syndication category and copies them as new posts to another wordpress installation. This way I can have syndicated content. The thing is when I was designing how the websites were going to work I kind of expected to be able to just install a plugin that would do this for me. Syndicate the content to a different wordpress account I mean.
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